Staging Makes All the Difference!

A well-staged home sells faster and for more money. The Go2Team offers outstanding free staging services which transform your home into an HGTV showcase!

From our warehouse, we select additional “modern transitional” furniture and accessories that will set off the beauty of your home. Then you’re ready for spectacular pictures that will sell your home online!

The cost? This service is complimentary – saving you thousands of dollars since the average cost of staging a home is $2,000-2,500 per month.

The care we take in staging every home is impressive! We select decor that harmonizes, enhances and fits the room size to perfectly showcase each rooms’ potential. This helps buyers envision the future enjoyment of the room and at the same time distracts them from imperfections in flooring, walls, room size and more.

Note the care we take as we layer in our furniture and decorative items. Now you can see why staging companies charge sellers thousands of dollars for a similar service!