The Go2 Team Approach


The Go2Team knows the secret of selling homes quickly and for top dollar. Any agent can sell a home quickly (its easy to underprice a home!) but The Go2Team’s balanced home-selling strategy is effective and delivers. Here’s how:

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What Is My Home Worth?

Lynne and LeeAnn have almost 50 years total experience in pricing property. See how the pros do it — Request a free competitive market analysis

Appearance Matters

TheGo2Team believes your home should look like a showhome from the first minute it’s on the market. Our staging experts Lee Ann and Angela have staged hundreds of homes and will make recommendations to make your home shine. We maintain a warehouse of furniture and accessories that can transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary!

Why We Stage

Well-staged homes sell faster and for more money. We offer free staging consultations and offer furniture and accessory staging with no rental cost to you!

Before/After Staging

Pictures are worth a thousand words and great pictures mean thousands of dollars more for your home! Compare these before and after photos to see the magic of staging!

Precision-Pricing Analysis

Prices are climbing but Zillow doesn’t accurately figure market value.
Let the experts Lee Ann and Lynne give you an up-to-the-minute assessment of your home’s value.