We are excited to announce we have a partnership with a lender offering several unique no downpayment loan programs.  In additional VA loans (available to military personnel) and USDA (available in specific rural areas) we now also have access to the GA Dream Program and Chenoa. Contact me today for more info.

By combining the stability and familiarity of an FHA 30 year fixed first mortgage with either a 3.5% or 5.0% second mortgage, Chenoa Fund allows homeowners to purchase a primary residence with no money down!1

• First Mortgage: FHA 30 year fixed
• Second Mortgage: 3.5% or 5.0% of sales price or appraised value – available as either a forgivable second or a fully amortized repayable second2

• Minimum 640 FICO score
• No income limits3
• Standard FHA loan limits apply – No High Balance

1 Assistance is for the down payment only; borrower will still be responsible for any closing costs associated with the loan.
2 Not all assistance types are available to all borrowers. Programs not available in NY, SD, and WV.
3 The type of assistance available depends on borrowers’ income.