Finding Your Dream Home

Are you watching the for-sale properties flying off the market? Its a hot Seller’s Market in the desirable Northside of Atlanta because there’s a lack of homes for sale. Any agent can send you listings but only a team of experienced and knowledgeable Realtors like The Go2Team, can successfully guide you thru purchase the home of your dreams.

Our Approach

If you’re after the best buy— the most updated, well-priced, desirable home— you need The Go2Team working on your behalf. Why?

To avoid multiple offers situations, you need to work with a team who’s ready to show you the property immediately. Only a committed team, like The Go2Team can do this for you. Speed counts —your offer can be on the listing agent’s desk before other buyers agents have even shown the property!
With almost 60 years experience on our team, we know how to work thru unusual and sometimes difficult buying situations. Inspections can make or break a deal and finessing by our team can often negotiate more than the norm for you.
Why do we have so many glowing testimonials? Because we keep our clients foremost in our minds throughout the entire transaction. The deal is secondary to your satisfaction!

Financing Your Purchase

Finding the best rate may be your goal but there are lots of other considerations in preparing for a mortgage and selecting the right company and program.

♦ Consider that out-of-town, national banks and online sources often fail to close on time — Are you willing to put a ripple in your transaction?
♦ The best rate usually comes with unusually high fees to compensate for the lost revenue— There’s no free lunch!
♦ In these volatile rate times, it’s best to find a program that allows at least one rate reduction if your quoted/locked rate is higher than market. Second rate-lock could be a charm!
♦ Sellers expect to close 30-day or less binding a contract.. Be sure to contact a mortgage professional to begin collecting the documentation you will need for your particular financial situation and target home price. Missing deadlines can cost you money and perhaps the house. There’s no Slow button in the purchase process!
♦ Sellers expect to receive a Pre-Approval letter with every offer so be sure to contact a mortgage professional to ask for one BEFORE shopping for properties. Be ready to roll!




Your Monthly Total






Our growing Atlanta population is causing a housing shortage. By the laws of economics, that means rental and housing prices are rising. Consider carefully which is better for you: Owning or Renting. How fast are prices rising? Should you buy a condo or a house or continue renting? Research your friends/family and such good sites as to become knowledgable about the home buying process. Use a Rent versus Buy calculator to help you pull many factors together:

Find A Great Surrounding School

Search for highly recommended schools that might be near your new home!
From elementary to high school, just use the school locator
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